Products & Services

Market Intelligence

Understanding the financial markets is critical to your success as an investor or trader.  Many of our clients take advantage of our research and market commentary to discover opportunities in the markets. 

Asset Management

At Intelligent Design Advisors we combine the traditional approach to asset management with a robust set of satellite strategies designed to bring clients' results in line with their expectations. 

Financial Planning

Our comprehensive financial plans are designed to align with a family's personalized goals and strategies, covering every facet of their financial world.  We support our clients by providing planning and guidance in all aspects of their lives, from evaluating needs, goals, and taxation.

Cash Management

Intelligent Design Advisors' clients have access to convenient, modern cash management tools through our custodian,  Charles Schwab. 

Our Team

Chet Warren, CFP®

Intelligent Design Advisors

Chet Warren is a Co-Founder and President of Intelligent Design Advisors.  Chet graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Economics and subsequently a MBA in Economics. He obtained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation in 2011. 

Beth Sturgeon

Founding Officer
Executive Vice President of Operations

Beth is a Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Operations for Intelligent Design Advisors.  Beth obtained a degree in Merchandising and Marketing from Ball State University.

Beth has been in the financial industry for over 18 years.  She joined Smith Barney in 2002 as a Registered Associate and began working with Chet in 2012.  Beth brings a unique perspective to helping clients solve problems and has been instrumental in the development of Intelligent Design Advisors' services.  Throughout her career she has developed best practices to providing client-focused service.