Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Understanding the financial markets is critical to your success as an investor or trader.  Many of our clients take advantage of our research and market commentary to discover opportunities in the markets. 

A Unique Perspective

At Intelligent Design Advisors, we break the mold for how clients choose to work with us.  We have a suite of quantitative and technical research tools that help us navigate the financial markets.  We offer our analysis to clients to gain a better perspective of how their portfolios are positioned.  Additionally, many clients use our research and opinion in other ways such as:

Do-It-Yourself investors: Some clients are Do-It-Yourself investors.  Traditional financial advisory practices don't have a mechanism to add value for a client who prefers to handle their own investments other than through financial planning.  Here at Intelligent Design Advisors we provide our views to clients who would prefer to do it themselves and leave it up to the client to select trades to execute.  We work together to establish the types of opportunities the client has an interest in and provide ideas to the client.  Additionally clients often will present an idea to us for vetting.

Traders: Trading is often a lonely business where the trader is left with only their own perspective, or the perspectives of others who the trader has no established relationship.  At Intelligent Design Advisors, we provide feedback and our thoughts on the financial markets to people trading most time frames.  As we learn more about the trader, we can  help our clients find additional opportunities that fit their trading style.  Being in a relationship with a trader also affords the trader the opportunity for us to help them work out trading issues related to psychology, analysis, or execution.

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